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Ingredient Guide to: Boost Collagen

Collagen keeps our skin young and fresh, so makes sense why it’s brought up whenever the conversation veers towards anti-aging. There are quite a few ingredients that claim they stimulate collagen production, but only a few have shown evidence of consistent collagen stimulation for the skin. So let’s take a look with skincare expert @skinchemy at three ingredients that can help boost collagen production!


Retinoids are amazing when it comes to synthesizing collagen fibers thanks to their ability to stimulate fibroblasts. In short, retinoids accelerate old skin cells being replaced, helping to improve skin elasticity! Take note that these effects are more visible with tretinoin, retinol and retinaldehyde. As for retinyl esters, the studies are still limited when it comes to collagen stimulation.

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When we say AHAs, we’re mainly talking about glycolic, lactic and mandelic acid (see the differences here). AHAs help exfoliate the epidermal cells, which results in brushing off those dull and rougher skin cells to promote cellular removal. They can also help strengthen the skin barrier, restore hydration through an increase in hyaluronic acid and this means plumper skin and fading the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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Vitamin C

We all know vitamin C is a powerhouse for antioxidants, but also for collagen production! Vitamin C, aka L-ascorbic acid, is necessary for prolyl hydroxylase -an enzyme essential for producing stable collagen molecules- and helps cross-link collagen molecules! L-ascorbic acid is key for signaling collagen genes to start synthesizing, a reaction that’s also important for wound healing.

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Bounce Back Time on Picky

Whether you want to boost collagen or try anti-aging in general, if you’re looking for more anti-aging skincare content, start right here. And see which products we “Picked” for anti-aging here. Or head to the Picky app and use our “Anti-Aging” filter in the Mega Search Filter under “Concerns” to find which anti-aging product is fit for your skin! Don’t forget to follow us on instagram for more fun skincare content.


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