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March 2022 New Skincare

This March 2022, there are some HEAVY skincare hitters. Dropping some highly anticipated skincare products from Tatcha to Supergoop!. We’re excited to share all the new skincare drops so let’s just jump into it.

New Skincare for March 2022

Benton Honest Eyelash Serum

Need to add some lush to your lashes? Then we can honestly say that the Honest Eyelash Serum is a must have! Promoting a formulation with not only amino acids and hyaluronic acid but two kinds of peptides as well! A lightweight and transparent liquid that doesn’t leave any oiliness, just healthy lashes. Plus the brush come with both a ball-tip and screw brush so you can reach every nook and cranny of your lashes.

Supergoop! Every. Single. Face

Ever heard of a sunscreen that promises to fit every skin type, concern and tone? Every. Single, Face gives such a claim. Formulated with versatility to fit all those with…well skin! From dry to oily, resilient to sensitive, white to black and everything in between! We love an overachiever and this sunscreen sure seems to strive for perfection. Let us know what you think of this SPF!

Youth To The People Retinal + Niacinamide Youth Serum

We’re excited about this new drop from Youth To The People! We all love a good retinal infused night serum to repair our skin as we sleep. And with 0.15% stabilized retinaldehyde along with niacinamide, ceramide and more this serum really packs a powerful punch to pigmentation and signs of aging! Try this one out and wake up with a glow.

Tatcha Silk Sunscreen

Following their timeless Japanese silk theme, Tatcha has just come out with their latest Silk Sunscreen and we couldn’t be more eager to give it a go. Tatcha’s target was set on formulating a sunscreen that sits on your skin like…well silk! So comfortable and smooth that you don’t even feel a thing. A “light-as-air” mineral SPF 50 to provide protection but without the weight or whitecast.

The Inkey List Mandelic Acid Treatment

If acne scars and hyperpigmentation have been giving you a headache, then mandelic acid may be just what you need. A gentle member of the AHA family, mandelic acid can help to reduce hyperpigmentation and fade the marks left behind by breakouts. And that’s just what the Mandelic Acid Treatment from The Inkey List promises to do with 10% mandelic acid and 0.1% retinol.

Be Picky

What did you think about the new skincare of March 2022? Any that catch your eye? Get the latest skincare info and trends with the Picky app! You can discover new brands, products and so much more. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and check out our YouTube channel for more skincare science content.

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