Super Picky Squad: January Perks

Last month we rolled out a new group on Picky, the Super Picky Squad! Where we show our love and appreciation for the users who go above and beyond on Picky through exclusive perks and events. Our December Squad was amazing, and for our January Squad we have so many perks from around the world we’re excited to share! Remember, we update the Squad monthly so make sure to stay active and write helpful reviews on Picky to join the #Squad. Pro tip: For those who redeem these rewards, the writers of the best and most helpful reviews might receive an additional product as an extra reward!

January Super Squad Perks

Beplain – 6 Piece Calming Set

Balanced, clean and full of calming goodness. Beplain’s 6 Piece Calming Set is a wonderful routine to try out with: Greenful pH-Balanced Cleansing Foam, Cicaful Ampoule, Hyaluronic Aqua Moisturizer, Bamboo Healing Mask, Cicaful Calming Mask and Greenful Bubble Wash-off Mask.

All these products would cost you over $50 USD to try, but you can experience them all for FREE. Exclusive to Super Picky Squad and 8000 Picky Points to participate! This event is limited to the following countries: USA, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Flight Mode – Moisture Cloud Face Cream

The Moisture Cloud Face Cream from indie K-beauty brand Flight Mode is packed with humectant focused ingredients like shea butter and hyaluronic acid, making it a great protection from the bitter winter cold! Also full of antioxidants to neutralize radicals and protect from infrared stress we’re heavily exposed to these days (i.e blue light!).

Normally this costs $52 USD, but with 8000 Picky Points you can sign up to try this product for free! Open to all Super Picky Squad users!

Generation Skin

Hydrating Marine Algae Eye Patches 

Want some luxury? Then try out the Hydrating Marine Algae Eye Patches for 8000 Picky Points each! The eye patches (30 in total) are straight up sea skincare saviors! Concentrated vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and more to keep that precious skin beneath your eyes plump and youthful!

Ultraviolet Brightening Purple Clay Mask

The Ultraviolet Brightening Purple Clay Mask is a gentle and fun way to make your skin glow. Clay is a perfect skincare remedy to deliver radiance to your skin. And this clay from Generation Skin is packed with Australian-sourced super fruit full of AHA. Helping with dark circles, pigmentations and so much more.

Each of these products from Generation Skin typically go for $50 USD on the market, but you can try one or both out for free as a Super Picky Squad member. Open to all Super Picky Squad users.

Blaq – Peel Off Mask

The Peel Off Mask from Australian skincare brand Blaq can help with minimizing blackheads and clogged pores. Made with charcoal to target those toxins and pull out the gunk in your pores. This product may not be suitable for those with sensitive skin, so always try to patch test first. If you’re up to try a fun new skincare mask, then apply, peel and reveal fresher skin. Also 100% cruelty free!

Usually costs $25 USD, but try it for free with 7000 Picky Points! Open to all Super Picky Squad users!


Triple Cream

L’Essential is an up and coming K-beauty brand with a few fun products for the Squad to try! First up is the Triple Cream, a light weight cream with madecassoside, guaiazulene, lotus and more extract to help soothe and hydrate irritated or sensitive skin. Includes azulene, distilled from chamomile flower, and wonderful for soothing, regenerating, reducing redness and anti-bacterial. The Triple Cream normally is priced at $24 USD, but try it out for 2500 Picky Points.

D5 Brightening Sunscreen

The D5 Brightening Sunscreen SPF 50 PA++++ is light weight with a matte finish. Protecting from both UVA and UVB rays but still gentle enough to suit all skin types. Includes houttuynia cordata extract, azulene and enantia chlorantha bark extract to help with excess sebum and soothe skin! Normally a $20 USD value, but free for Super Picky Squad members with 3000 points and limited countries: Malaysia and Philippines.

Kansoskin– Simply Better Barrier Cream

We have a fun moisturizer fit for skin barrier repair from Singaporean skincare brand Kansoskin! The Simply Better Barrier Cream is low pH and highly nourishing with ceramides and superstar hydrators to strengthen the skin barrier! Includes 17 types of Asian botanicals full of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Suitable for all skin types, but especially those with sensitive skin. Great for every day wear, for face, hands and body!

Valued at $34 USD, but give it a go with 8000 Picky Points. Restricted to the Super Picky Squad and limited countries: Singapore and USA.

Join the Squad

For our January Squad we have so many perks from around the world we’re excited to share! Remember, we update the Squad monthly so make sure to stay active and write helpful reviews on Picky to join the #Squad. Pro tip: For those who redeem these rewards, the writers of the best and most helpful reviews might receive additional products as an extra reward!

January perks and rewards are guaranteed for the eligible Super Squad users that sign up, but points will be returned if an issue results in an ability to participate. Some rewards have country limitations set by the brand. Also customs or tax fees implemented by certain regions/countries can apply.

6 Responses

  1. I got so excited when I saw everything that I applied for products that don’t ship to the US 🤦🏻‍♀️ this is what happens when I get carried away 😂

  2. Reading the benefits of each product on picky it really makes me want to try it. Also, I’m happy to read all the experience and thoughts of other members.

  3. I am excited for all these perks but will pick what is best for my sensitive skin. Most probably going for the calming Be Plain set 😍😍

  4. Just joined and excited to be a part of this group!!! I am dedicated my daily skin care routine… I want to keep my skin looking young as long as I can..I am open to trying new product… No allergies here so bring it on..

  5. My name is Carrie and I’m 35 years old and a mother of 4 teenage boys so last year I started doing skincare and I still haven’t got it all figured out yet but I’m getting better at it. I can tell you that while trying products Generation Clay is a great product and so is Generation Generation Skin, I love their Hydrating Marine Algae Eye Patches! Having 4 teenage boys and a husband and being the only girl gets tiring at times and stressful so I’m always looking for good eye products.
    I know I’m new here but I really hope I win this giveaway, it has products I know I love and more I want to try and learn more about them.

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