Picky Points: Earn Points on Picky

Love using Picky? Well, now you can earn points while doing so! You can get points from basically any action you make on the Picky app. From writing a review to commenting on Discuss (formerly Q&A). Read on to learn more about this exciting Picky Point system!

Earn Points Easily!

For every action you take on the Picky app, there are points that can be earned! Write a product review? Points! You open the app and check-in? Points! Comment on a post in Discuss? Points!

Redeem Points

The Picky Points are easy to earn and can be used for weekly giveaways, rewards and events! Not to mention it can help you join the Super Picky Squad!

Check the Giveaways on the homepage on the Picky app to stay up to date on the latest events, and cash in your points for a chance to be in the next giveaway!

And don’t worry, we start every new user off with 1,000 points.

Invite A Friend to Picky

Invite a friend to the Picky app and earn 1,000 points each (daily max 10,000 points)! Go to the Profile tab and click on the ‘Invite Friends.’ You’ll see an ‘Invite Code’ and an ‘Invite’ button. Make sure to click ‘Invite’.

A separate menu will appear. Hit the ‘copy’ option and this will automatically include a download link for Picky and your invite code. Send this to your friend so they can download the app and plug in your invite code. Picky will recognize and match the codes and give you both 1,000 points!

Write Reviews

We love our Picky community’s product reviews, so we’ve changed the points to value the high quality content our users are creating! For text reviews you can get 200 points and 1,000 points for a photo review.

Comment on another Picky user’s review to earn 50 points (daily max 1,000 points). But commenting on your own review gains no points.

You can edit your reviews whenever you want! Want to upgrade your text review with a photo? You gain the difference, that’s 800 points! However, same amount of points will be lost if you delete a photo from a review.


Leaving a comment on someone else’s post earns you 50 points (daily max 1,000 points). And guess what? Having a good comment pays off because if you get enough upvotes you’re crowned with the Social Best Comment and get 1,000 points!

*Points are not deducted from Social Best Comment even if original question poster deletes their post.


A new feature for the Picky Point system is the upvote! Earn points by simply upvoting content from other users. You gain 5 points every time you upvote. But there is a 50 point daily limit, after it’s been reached you no longer receive points. Each time your post or review gets an upvote, you get 5 more points (2,000 point daily max)!

Edit and Delete

As mentioned in the Review section, if you edit your review you can either gain or lose points depending on your actions. Go from a text to a photo review and you gain 800 points, but go from photo to text and you’ll lose 800 points.

If you delete a review or comment, the points you had earned from those actions will be deducted.

Point Deduction and Exceptions

Points are not earned when replying to a comment on your own review or post. Also points earned through Social Best Comment, upvoting or commenting on other user’s content will remain for the user who had written the best answer even if the original question post is deleted.

Where To Find Your Points

All your points are counted and shown to you in the Profile tab! You can easily access, review and see exactly how many points you have.

Download the Picky app now to start interacting and accumulating points! Don’t forget to also follow us on Instagram and see more on our blog for more skincare science content!

49 thoughts on “Picky Points: Earn Points on Picky

    1. Jada says:

      Just joined picky. Looking forward to learning more about skin care!

        1. HOPE EXUM says:

          I’m new as of today also wondering how it works.

      1. CelestineSelene says:

        Me too hahaha i hope i can get a giveaway here 😍

  1. jasee says:

    this points are really fun to earn and makes me more exciting to look forward to review more good products 😍😍😍😍

    1. Donna says:

      I am brand new to Picky so I’m looking forward to seeing how this all works.

  2. ara says:

    Can I use your invite code? Im planning to sign up. Thanks!

  3. Cristy says:

    I saw the post in facebook and I was instantly hooked. I was hoping I can get a give away

    1. asyanie says:

      just knew one of this new updated picky point yesterday and I enjoyed it 😚

  4. Cristy says:

    I saw the post in facebook and I was instantly hooked. I was hoping I can get a give away

  5. Hadiskintreat says:

    I really love how the Picky Apps enroll their ability in points section . Really enjoying to play more and gain more about the points section !!


    That’s a lot of opportunity to get a point. That’s good improvement, Picky.. Goodluck

    1. Marx says:

      May i ask if your points can equivalent an exact money? So you can have their giveaway without sending money to them? No to bash. Newbie here

    1. PickyGlissen says:

      There’s a lot of opportunity to gain points! Exciting!😊

  7. Aznaira says:

    This is much exciting for me. I love earning points if it means receiving some exciting giveaways. Who wouldn’t want? would you?

  8. Issy88 says:

    How can I select the best comment on my discussion? I don’t see anything I can select.

  9. Tina Geane says:

    I just joined Picky & I may be a little older than most I love it! I love skincare, I especially love kbeauty skincare. My skin has gotten so much better since I dove into the korean beauty care world! I enjoy learning all I can I believe we all lean from each other,no matter what age! Thanks for a great skin care community!

  10. Sakanelle says:

    I’m excited to see how this app can help with my skin issues.

  11. Crissy Anderson says:

    I just joined Picky and I’m enjoying this app so much! I suffer from chronic health issues and because of this, it’s caused problems with my skin. I’m just trying to find products that will help calm and soothe my skin and also provide anti-aging benefits. This app is the perfect place! Plus I can score points, possibly giveaways and meet other skincare fanatics, who could ask for more!!

  12. PoppyForest says:

    Do you still lose your points if you do not get picked for a giveaway??

  13. AilaCarla says:

    I am new here. Thank you for your very informative information!

    1. Sai says:

      Hi Sis use my referral code: 4FCE9878
      You can get free 1000 points and you can use this points to participate for limited giveaways on picky app 😊

  14. Chia Tuyan says:

    Newbie here! But I wish I’ve known this earlier. I felt that this is the community of people who loves caring for their self as a whole. And I think I could learn more f om this community. Looking forward for more exciting events. 👸

    1. Sai says:

      Use my referral code so that you can get free 1000 points on picky that you can use for participating limited giveaway events.
      My referral: 4FCE9878

  15. BKitti says:

    I found this app by accident…hope it helps!?! I love finding, using, learning & sharing products that rock! I’m excited to see how this all works & hopefully get my skin care back on track! Alright…let’s do this!!!!

    1. Sai says:

      You can use my referral code so that you can earn up to 1000 points. You can use this points for participating limited giveaways on picky
      My referral code:4FCE9878

  16. nasrellah says:

    Me , too! I’ve heard really good new about @picky ❤❤😘

  17. Lyndsey McGlynn says:

    So pleased to be a member of Picky. I’m looking forward to getting lots of beauty tips


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