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New Feature: Super Picky Squad

How to become Super Picky Squad? Write detailed skincare reviews in Picky with photos, including texture and application! The more reviews the merrier (but make sure they are very detailed)!

We love our Picky community! And there are some who just go above and beyond, which is why we’re rewarding these users with a Super Picky badge and special benefits. We want to highlight these super users so they know how much we appreciate their effort and dedication to the Picky app. And trust us when we say, there are some major perks to being a part of the Super Picky Squad. Let’s learn a little more about this fun new addition to Picky.

What’s the Super Picky Squad?

When we say super, we mean it. These users have attained significant Picky Points and are active in all regards on Picky, ranging from quality product reviews to thoughtful answers, from inviting friends to liking and replying, and daily usage of Picky. Those in the Super Picky Squad provide abundant and exceptional content to our app! So it’s only right we return the favor for their hard work.

Not sure about Picky Points? Check out our article here for more info on the point system!

Super Picky Squad Perks

What comes with this Super Picky badge? Special and exclusive rewards just for the Super Picky Squad. We’re talking special events and exclusive items, hand-picked by Picky. We want to show these users we truly appreciate how much they’ve contributed to our app, so we want to shower them with special rewards limited only to those in the Squad.


Since we’re a bit “Picky” about our Super Picky Squad, those that are selected are manually chosen by our Picky Team every month. We check for quality, quantity, points and overall interactions on the app to certify eligibility into the Squad. We’re looking for the golden ratio of quality and quantity!

The Super Picky Squad is refreshed monthly! So there’s plenty of time to get involved on Picky. But keep in mind, those that are inactive can be removed from the list!


We will not select users who spam Q&A or product reviews, invite fake accounts or other incorrect behaviors to gain points. We check every account before we select them as a Super Picky user, so accumulating points in such a way won’t help your case!


Only those in the Super Picky Squad have access to certain events. However, some events may have restricted shipping and therefore only available to certain regions.

Be a Super Picky User!

You still have time to take action! We want to award those that are making a difference on Picky! So start writing those reviews and getting involved on Picky because, trust us, the effort is not wasted. So don’t hesitate and help us build a stronger Picky community together!

67 Responses

  1. Woah 🤯 maybe being a skincare addict isn’t so bad after all. Picky officially has all my loyalty 😂 (as if it didn’t already haha)

  2. Picky app has indeed help me in finding the right skincare products best for my skin. The informations and tips on skincare guides given are so helpful. I am learning a lot about skincare from this app. Thank you @gopicky for rewarding us and appreciate our support in this community.

    1. This app helps me choose what’s the best skincare products for my skin. Thank you so much Picky for choosing me and rest assured that I will support this app so much.

      1. It’s the first place I turn. I love that it tells me the risk vs benefits & how much if any ingredients to watch for. I love knowing right off the bat if a product matches as a HG, or not. Excellent resource for reference to my own skin!!!

  3. Wow! Will strive and do my best to be part of the squad! Although I’m new to the Picky community, I’m slowly increasing my quality reviews & picks because of my love for skincare & beauty!

  4. this is a good one! i gain friends and compliments because of my skincare reviews. also now i learned a lot on how to choose and understand skincare because of picky all of question people are answering. thank you picky it helps me to more confident and choose what product i will pick more 🥰💖

  5. I really appreciate this move!!! Need to give more effort in writing reviews! ☺️ Just a suggestion.. Maybe you can also give points to products being suggested to Picky App? I do it from time to time and it makes me happy when I see my usual skincare products being added in the Picky App ❤️ Thank you and more power!

    1. This a great suggestion! Hahahaha ill probably get a lot of points for this! I requested heaps! 🤣🤣🤣

  6. This is a great way for me to gain more friends! Sharing about skincare benefits are the greatest way I achieved my passions on beauties

  7. I’ve been busy doing reviews all month but since I’m such a skincare addict I’ll add more ASAP so I can be considered

  8. So excited about this!! I’ve been addicted to skincare products. I’m glad that picky app helped me to not just read what I loved but to interact with other people who have the same interest as mine❤️

  9. Picky is a great interactive app to find helpful products, also being able to help others based on their concerns.
    I have been doing a lot of research on skincare due to my skin issues but getting to know more products over here that could help. Hoping that my research could also help others. 🙂

  10. I’m so excited for this program and I’m also so happy to have been showcased in the Super Picky Squad IG post! I can’t wait for this program to start!

  11. Okay, I am beginning to love this app! It’s like a social media app for skincare enthusiasts. And picky is a huge help for me because I can ask for help and get recommendations 🥺

    To whoever made this app, thank you so muuuuch! God Bless You ❤

  12. Even my dream job is working in skincare field but yeah we only can dream right. So even i didn’t working in the field, by joining this community and sharing about the good products with u guys also satisfied me a lot. Thanks Picky Squad. I trusted this app 100% as most of the suggestion n ingredients listed are perfectly for my skin problem solution.

  13. For all of this . Iam very thankful to Picky App for make my skincare world more fun and fantastic . In Picky Community here , i got many things go easier than before . Thank you Picky App for make a loevable and amazing apps ever for my skincare world . Love you ❣️

  14. I love sharing my thoughts about skincare products so as to try new skincare products. Therefore, being part of the squad will be exciting and knowing others view can be knowledgeable too.

  15. I really love cosmetics. And I am very glad that I found your program. There is a lot of useful information here. I really want to get into Super Picky

  16. cant wait!! ❤❤🎉 Since, im hoarding ad love the skincare On my face 😍😍🥰🤗 And everything about skincare Knowledge what is the best Specially on my Oily Skin

  17. Thank You for this wonderful platform. I am learning so much and enjoying the Picky community very much. I even win a Giveaway and look forward to joining the Super Picky Squad someday. This is a skincare enthusiasts dream come true. One of the best Apps I’ve used in a long time.💫

  18. Super feature! 😜
    Great way to reward active users and quality content.

    I love how engaging and informative this app is. Picky has really become my daily go to skincare app, for sure.

  19. I love this feature. I’m new(ish) to picky and I hope someday I will qualify. As a goal oriented person, I do wish there was a bit more info (How many points needed, how many reviews, etc) on how to qualify, but I will just continue to obsess & interact every single day and hope someday I make the cut ❤️ Keep rocking, Picky ❤️❤️

    1. Hi Amanda! Write a high number of detailed skincare reviews with photos of texture and application, and you’ll qualify!

  20. I just read someone saying they applied. Do we now have to apply vs just waiting to hopefully be selected?

  21. Thanks so much Picky for helping me decide on which products to use. I’m pleased with your answers. Thank you again for the opportunity to win prizes (I did win) it really does make things more exciting. I don’t miss a day on here (;

  22. I start to learn a skincare and my skin type through picky! There is a lot of info product, helpful friends in picky, I feel blessed! Thank you picky for the awesome apps i have found! 😍

  23. I’m 52 and now seeing aging skin and lines and wrinkles .I need help to figure out what products are good for my skin .

  24. As somebody who actually enjoys looking up skincare ingredients and ensuring that I fully comprehend anything I use on the body’s largest organ, I’m SO appreciative to both Picky and the friend who introduced me to this app. I’ve spent more time on this app, gaining valuable opinions and product information and sharing the same, than I’ve spent on any other app to date – and it’s been less than 24 hours! Whether I’m chosen for your Picky Squad is an aside – it would simply be a bonus to an already fantastic app. Love the info, the incentive for interaction, and the content – especially the exposure to less commonly known skincare lines! Abundant gratitude from somebody who was already very picky before she knew that Picky existed!

  25. Am really so picky 😁 … every one I know in my life tell me that 🤣 ….not just skincare… all my life 😅🌼⚘💫✴💥

  26. I am loving the picky app. It’s kind a unique platform that provides opportunities to all the skincare influencer globally.

  27. This is a great article. The picky app has helped me discover so many products that work well with my skin, I use the app every time I need to find info on a new product.

  28. I am loving this app! I have only joined for a few months now and I am so addicted! I know that sounds crazy but reading discussions and being apart of this community is great. Especially when no one else but people on this app get it the infatuation, lol! Thanks for providing us this great platform!

    Question, can you apply to be a super picky squad and get turned down and then reapply later? Not sure how that all works except for qualifications, but it doesn’t go into detail on limits if you apply multiple times. Thanks a bundle!!!

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