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Skincare FAQ With @Skinchemy: On Sticky Skincare

Q. After I finish my skincare routine, why does my face feel sticky? Am I putting on too much? Or using the wrong products?

A. It could be due to both reasons, or something else. Here are some of my tips:

1. Thinner Layers

Applying thinner layers of products could be what you need to stop your skin from feeling sticky. That means, instead of 5 drops of your niacinamide, apply 2 or 3 drops. Same goes for your other products. Don’t worry, you’ll still see results. Also, sometimes less is more!

2. Light Moisturizer

Switching to a lighter moisturizer could be key! Personally, I’ve noticed that switching my cream moisturizer to a light-weight gel or lotion consistency moisturizer seems to absorb into my skin much better and gives me that supple feeling rather than that sticky feeling.

3. Give it Time

Give your skin some time.Waiting a few minutes before each step and patting in each layer nicely really helps as well. This allows for more absorption of product. Then move onto the next step.

Disclaimer: This doesn’t mean that if you d not pat for a few minutes, your product would not absorb. It will still absorb, but you may just feel a bit more sticky. 

4. Less Products

Don’t use too many products in every skincare routine. Too many products means too many layers. And too many layers just means more stickiness!

To Sum it Up:

If you’re dealing with an uncomfortable sticky feeling after your skincare routine, try and change it up. Take out some products that are too heavy on your skin, or just go easy on the amount you apply. Simplify your routine by cutting down on the number of products you use, and give your skin some time to absorb! Hope these tips are helpful to get your skin feeling supple instead of sticky!

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Reproduced and recreated with permission from @skinchemy

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