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Picky’s 2021 Rookie Skincare Awards

2021 was full of new brands, new skincare and new trends! So much so, we felt a Rookie award was a necessity. Introducing, Picky’s 2021 Rookie Skincare Awards to give some love and attention to new skincare products that really wowed us this year. Curious which skincare the Picky team chose? Keep reading to find out!

Hue Calm Heartleaf Calming Cleansing Foam

Now this cleanser is definition of a rookie skincare product! Hitting the scene mid 2021, maybe many would overlook this new brand, but WOW did it make an impact amongst the Picky community. A gentle foaming cleanser to help those with sensitiveacne-prone or easily irritated skin. No irritating chemical surfactants, only naturally derived enzymes to minimize any possible irritation. Not to mention it contains star ingredients like BHA, tea tree, panthenol, guaiazulene, ascorbic acid and more.

“Woah. That GLOW. I’ve never had a face wash make my skin this radiant without any other products on top. And because it foams up so, so much, you only need a pea size amount to wash your face. The consistency was a little unexpected, almost like a balm. My skin felt clean and moisturized. This one is awesome for the frigid winter air wreaking havoc on my face right now. For sure a keeper!” KittyRay

Pure’am pH Balance Calming Toner

If you were a lucky Picky x Pure’am giveaway winner, then you’ve had the fortune of trying out this brand’s AMAZING products. With only a few skincare products, Pure’am has already made quite the impact on both the Picky community as well as the Picky team (yes, we’ve tried all these products too!). A few Picky team members have even raved how the pH Balance Calming Toner and Authentic Barrier Cream Balm saved their winter blue’s skin. From centella to green tea, aloe, ceramide and more, this toner is a milky holy grail for those dealing with drynessaging concerns, dullnessredness and uneven texture!

“WOW guys. I had no idea what to expect with this one, but I’m so impressed! I can’t stop grabbing for this toner. It gives my skin such a beautiful glow and redness reduction. I find myself using it in both my morning and evening routines. I love the minimal list of ingredients and how effective it is.” ReeneeReviews

Vegreen Nature Mucin Serum

Heard about this new, alluring, anti-aging powerhouse ingredient snail mucin? But don’t want anything that actually comes from…well, snails? Vegreen has you covered with their wild yam mucin that gives the SAME benefits without the snail trail. All vegan, cruelty free and focused on simple, natural ingredients, Vegreen sure makes a statement with their products! This innovative serum delivers fast absorbing, non-sticky, hydration to your skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and winkles.

“It is surprisingly similiar to a snail serum, but this one is nature derived. It helps a lot in keeping dry skin moisturized which leaves no flakiness at all. Since it-s a gel-type serum, it took a little while before it gets fully absorbed by the skin but quicker than expected. After, it leaves your skin fully hydrated.” –Nclpaez

Barr Super Green Deep Energy Cream

A slam-dunk brand that has majorly caught our attention this year! Each product promises soothing, relieving and rejuvenation for your skin. And that it does! Ask any Picky team member, or Picky community, and see how they feel. We’re now huge fans of this brand, this cream especially. Vegan and minimalistic, this cream shoots to soothe irritated skin and calm flare ups. A lightweight cream that sinks in fast to deliver the relief irritated, sensitive and dry skin needs!

“It is a green, lightweight gel texture, which makes it perfect for summer or day use (yes, I’m hinting at you oily skin peeps). Has a very mild natural herbal scent which I enjoy. Glides smooth on the skin, gives a slight cooling effect, and absorbs fast with a non greasy or sticky finish.” –Glowyame

Lagom Peptide Micro Needle Patch

This product may be brand new to you, and that’s because it really just hit the market. The Picky team had the chance to give these eye patches a test-run, and well the vote was unanimous -Heck, yeah! We all loved these prickly little patches that deliver deep nourishment to your under eye bags. Some of our team members even raved about their fading dark circles. So of course we had to add it to Picky’s 2021 Rookie Skincare Awards.

“I really enjoyed using these patches! At first I was a little scare of putting microneedles anywhere close to my eyes, but the application is painless and the results are great! I’ve noticed a slight brightening of my dark circles and reduced puffiness after removing the patches. Also, the skin in the area feels smoother and nourished.” –PickyKarol

Picky’s 2021 Rookie Skincare Awards: Honorable Mentions

Unfortunately, we can’t include every single product and brand we have LOVED this year, BUT we still want to highlight a few more.

ELMT Gentle Exfoliating Solution

ELMT made a nice splash in the skincare scene with their straightforward, transparent and effective set of toners! The Gentle Exfoliating Solution, specifically, caught our eye with that diverse ingredient list. We’re talking berries, AHA and vitamin C. What a crazy combination! Delivering an effective exfoliation that is so gentle you can use it without fear of irritation (and even daily!).

“This exfoliating solution has a very nice set of ingredients that helped my skin brighten without experiencing any irritation, redness and tingling sensation even with all the actives and vitamin C going on. I can say that it is gentle enough to be used every day. It did not give an instant result but it was all worth it on my 2nd week of use.” –Kdd

SkinRx Lab Hydro Water Peel Toner

AHA, BHA and PHA? Oh my! What a triple threat this toner is. A great way to remove dead skin cells and sebum build up in pores throughout the day (minus the irritation). Recommended for those dealing with acne, breakouts and in need of pore control.

“I honestly really like this product and would totally consider repurchasing this when I run out! Although, this may not be hydrating enough for those with dry skin I do highly recommend it for all other skin types. This just has a nice light texture and helps my skin to remain balanced & clear throughout the seasons.” –Skincareinhawaii

Sollalla Ultimate Hydrate Hyaluronic Serum

If hydration and calm is the key for your skincare routine, then add this serum to your list! It targets to maintain elasticity and moisture without any sticky feeling. No animal ingredients, silicone, paraben, artificial fragrance, mineral oil or gluten! And when Sollalla claims hyaluronic acid on the ingredient list, they mean it. A 9-Hyaluronic Complex takes center stage in this formulation, helping to prevent dryness and keep skin plump to perfection!

“If there is one product that I’d save if our house is on fire (knock on wood), it will definitely be this product. This serum has star-studded ingredient list that I LOVE. It repairs my skin barrier and I notice that my little bumps are slowly fading and goodbye skin redness. I also noticed that this has made my skin look more firm and brighten up.” –Clarissaguzmann

Be Picky

Well, these are Picky’s 2021 Rookie Skincare Awards, but which new skincare products were your faves this year? Head over to the Picky app and start a conversation, we want to see what you LOVED! Also stay tuned on the app, 2022 will be the year of Picky events so get excited! Don’t forget to check out our Instagram and YouTube channel.

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  1. I’m sorry but there were 2 which stood out for me so different but both made an impression which deserves to be mentioned. The first is house of dowha rice wash off face mask. This left my skin feeling so clean and fresh. The second was skin1004 Madagascar centella brightening and toning ampoule. My skin realised what it had been missing with this gem, my skin was plumped and lines vanished also was a perfect primer, the size of the bottle was unbelievable and consistency not runny but not to thick either. Both of these are for me, perfect.

  2. I have not heard of them. I am really interested in anything to help my baggy eyes especially the peptide micro needle patch. ❤️

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