Break These 6 Bad Skincare Habits

We all can fall prey to a few bad habits. Maybe some you don’t even realize are bad! That’s why we’re here with our Picky Expert Meg to break down and replace these bad skincare habits. Learn some new good habits and treat your skin right!

#1. Using sunscreen ONLY in the summer

We hear this one a lot. If there’s no sun out, why do you need sunscreen? Trust us, you need that sunscreen every single day – 365 days a year! If you’re one of those people who are skeptical about sunscreen, we recommend checking out our other skincare science content on the subject: How to Find the Best Sunscreen for Your Skin Type and Sunscreen Formulations

#2. Aggressively exfoliating

We can get a little carried away sometimes. Especially when we’re frustrated with our skin or think tough love is the only solution. But being gentle and kind to your skin goes way further than aggressively exfoliating it with cleansers and physical/chemical exfoliants. You could actually harm your skin barrier, which leads to numerous adverse effects.

Get more insight on exfoliants to see what’s best for your skin and why keeping a healthy skin barrier is a big deal so you don’t make have these bad skincare habits!

#3. Diving into DIY skincare

DIY skincare can be fun, and it sounds appealing with the ‘all-natural’ approach. But as we’ve mentioned before, DIYs can actually do more harm than good. Skincare products are formulated with the right amount of these ingredients so that your skin can get all the good without the bad. DIY skincare invites the possibility for irritation and consequences. So in our opinion, consult a dermatologist if you’re dealing with skin concerns.

#4. Try new products all at once

We all have that moment when we splurge on skincare. Then suddenly our shelves are filled with unopened products and the need to try every single one of them, all at once! We urge you to stray from this urge, bombarding your skin with so many new products and ingredients could lead to irritation or issues. And worst part is, you wouldn’t know which one caused it! So instead, introduce products one at a time with more clear purpose for your skincare routine.

#5. Using Google to self-diagnose

Going down the Google rabbit hole will only fill you with anxiety and stress, so step away from the keyboard. When we have an issue we don’t understand, it makes sense we want to label it ASAP. Well good thing is, once you step away from that keyboard you can call up your dermatologist and get a less anxiety-inducing discussion about your skin concern. When in doubt, see a professional!

#6. Low skin-esteem

Has there ever been a time where a fan favorite skincare product just didn’t do much for your skin? That’s completely normal, so don’t feel bad if a cult classic doesn’t do it for you. Rather, embrace the skin you’re in and realize that all skin is unique. Skincare is a journey, different for every single person. So don’t get too down when you feel like nothing is working, it’s all a skin-loving process.

Picky’s Skincare Community

Breaking bad skincare habits isn’t easy, that why on Picky we try to create a fun and welcoming Picky community to support you. We love building a welcoming skincare community that embraces all ages, genders and skin types! And that’s exactly what you’ll find on Picky. The Picky app has members from all over the globe, from every group and race, all united by their passion for skincare. Join the community and unlock new skincare knowledge, as well as new friends, by downloading the Picky app!

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13 thoughts on “Break These 6 Bad Skincare Habits

  1. Andrrea says:


  2. Mariangel Carmona says:

    Guilty on sunscreen! Though I use it everyday very often than not I forget to reaply and even forget to use it on my neck! But I’m trying very hard not to forget that part!

  3. Mariangel Carmona says:

    Oh and another skincare bad habit! Picking your skin on your breakouts! Don’t do that!! It’ll harm the skin further!

  4. ANA-MARIA ACHIM says:

    Thank for the article! My mistake was wearing sun screen only in winter! Butt i fix that!

  5. Vasoula Catroppa says:

    Great advice! I love this app so much! It’s really helpful and super positive! It feels nice to see a form of social media where everyone is positive and uplifting! I wish every app was like this! LOVE MY PICKY FAM!

  6. freshfacedover40 says:

    These are such great tips @picky! I love to exfoliate but I do think we over do it. And if you exfoliate a lot and happen to be in. A place where the sun is intense you have a higher chance of burning that beautiful skin. I am in my 40’s and I am paying now for mistakes I made when I was in my 20’s. Please girls always where sunscreen.

  7. Tina Geane says:

    I totally agree with Vasoula- it is so nice to be involved in such a positive Social Media platform. People have discussions where they may disagree but they are Adult Discussions, every talks about things,no drama all walks of life from all over the world getting along famously. I’m so happy I joined PICKY- I’m leaning so much even at my age 55 I learn from younger ppl they learn from me. We all learn & teach each other. I have learned about some amzing brands I never heard of. And now I’m waiting for orders haha. Thanks for such a great Community PICKY.

  8. Hendrika Van Dijk says:

    one of my bad skin habits as a teenager was picking my skin when I had acne. Worst thing that you can do!

  9. Bulatskie says:

    Guilty of mistake #1
    #2. #4. #5
    Never had a skincare in my whole life, just wash my face with dove soap or any soap for that matter and now I just want to correct my 48years of neglect in 1-2minths.
    Thank you picky for fountain of knowledge and info.

    Now, I’m taking it slow while trying to repair the damage I’ve done to my skin barrier.

  10. Hollyzhang says:

    I always remember wearing sunscreen both at home and outside, and it really helped me to get into this picky community, my knowledge about skincare has increased, I also made many friends on picky & instagram

  11. Shalimar Akalal says:

    How about sunscreen indoors? Should we also be wearing them indoors?

  12. NRZAAI says:

    Guilty as charged for using too many products. Gotta constantly remind myself to not fall prey to all that marketing!! 😩

  13. Daana Irene says:

    I just wanted to ask if it’s safe to drink or take collagen with vitamins?


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