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Mists that are a Must

You might be thinking “Why do I even need mists in my routine?” Honest answer? You don’t really but you can use them to help prep and hydrate your skin! We’re here to show you six mists that are a must if you want to add them to your routine!

Sioris- Time Is Running Out Mist

This mist is a great way to easily rehydrate the skin throughout the day! You can use it over sunscreen or makeup without disturbing it. The ingredient list is ‘clean’ making it a good option for those with sensitive skin.

“Guys, this mist is SO pretty on my skin. 78% of the formulation is organic green plum water. There’s also 3 gorgeous oils in here that will have your skin glowing!”

Picky User: Alexxbites

Glow Recipe- Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist

If you’re looking for a super refreshing super fine mist to use, this is the one for you! The watermelon extract helps to soothe and hydrate the skin. It doesn’t leave any sort of sticky residue but the watermelon smell is pretty prevalent.

“It sprays super fine and its formula is just so suitable to spray all over your face. It is a great way of freshening up your face throughout the day as it is super hydrating.”

Picky User: Skinstaholic

Glosome- Light My Skin Mist

So you’re looking to keep your skincare routine vegan and cruelty free. Love that! This is one of two mists that definitely checks those boxes for you. The sea water extract helps to keep your skin smooth and pentavin helps seal in moisture.

“I have been using this hydrating facial mist in my PM routine for 3 weeks now, and I have noticed that my skin is not only better hydrated but is also brighter and smoother. There is no scent. Highly recommend!”

Picky User: Mudonyourface

D’alba Piedmont-White Truffle Mist Serum

Feeling a little luxurious? This mist is infused with white truffle which has several benefits. This mist is best suited to those with dry skin as the mist contains other ingredients like avocado and sunflower seed oil. While it is definitely a fancy serum to spray on your face, there is a fragrance to it.

“I love how it gives my skin instant plumpness and how fast it absorbs.⁣⁣ Also I noticed my skin kind of brightened.⁣⁣ I can spray it anytime, anywhere, and whenever my skin feels dry.⁣⁣”

Picky User: Shiralee

Dear, Klairs- Fundamental Ampule Mist

Another vegan and cruelty free mist to add to your routine! The green tea and rice extract help to keep the skin look healthy and hydrated. It does leave a bit of a glowy finish behind so if matte skin is your look, then you might have to look at something else (sorry!).

“This is a great start to my mist journey. I am already in love! It has a light spritz so you get a nice even application. I like to use this one especially after wearing my mask as it prevents any irritation the mask may cause afterwards.

Picky User: Sati

Laneige- Cream Skin Refiner Mist

If you’re looking for something like a moisturizer in mist form then this is the one for you! It is definitely best suited for those who have dry and/or sensitive skin to easily rehydrate their skin throughout the day.

“It really freshens up my face. It is easy to evenly apply with the fine mist nozzle. It is very convenient to carry around when I am traveling or just spray it on whenever my skin needs a boost. Very refreshing and great for the hot summer months.”

Picky User: Hendrika01

More on Picky

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