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Famous Korean Skincare Brands: Korea Vs Abroad

Guess what? Famous Korean skincare brands aren’t all alike, not even close! Some of South Korea’s biggest skincare sensations are totally unknown to your everyday Korean. And get this—some of the most adored Korean skincare goodies in South Korea aren’t even available overseas. So, without any more babbling, let’s dive into the world of top-notch K-beauty products in South Korea and beyond, and uncover their unique charms!

Famous Korean Skincare Brands That Aren’t Popular in Korea

Beauty of Joseon

Beauty of Joseon is all about bringing traditional ingredients and ancient healing secrets into the modern world. It’s like a time-traveling beauty adventure! But you know what? Even though Beauty of Joseon is a big hit around the globe, it’s like a hidden gem in South Korea. They’ve got just one cute little store, and guess who’s mostly popping in? Yep, you got it—lots of excited foreign tourists!

Here at Picky, we’re all about embracing the old-school goodness. But, let’s be real, most Koreans have been using those ingredients since before it was cool. Green tea and mugwort? Our grandmas have been rocking those for ages! It’s like our little beauty secret that’s been passed down for generations. And, we’re happy to see the world getting obsessed with these goodies too! It’s like a global love affair with our grandma’s beauty rituals.


AXIS-Y has got you covered when it comes to all the K-Beauty essentials! Their products are not only super cute but also vegan, halal, cruelty-free, and totally eco-friendly! Like, how awesome is that? But, you know what’s surprising? This brand isn’t that popular in Korea, and here’s the scoop on why.

So, here’s the thing: AXIS-Y has its eyes set on the international market. They’re not into having a physical store or anything fancy like that. And, their online store in Korea doesn’t really do much to attract local customers.Instead, they’ve made it their mission to be globally accessible, spreading the love of K-beauty all over the world.


Have you heard about iUnik? They are totally rocking the international scene with their amazing products! They’re all about keeping things minimal and natural, using safe ingredients that are like a dream come true. But you know what’s super interesting? Just like AXIS-Y, iUnik is all about going global and not just focusing on the Korean market.

iUnik’s products are so cool that they have certifications that let them sell their goodies in places with tough import laws. That means they’re spreading the K-beauty love to countries that wouldn’t normally get their hands on these fantastic products. How awesome is that? It’s like they’re on a mission to make the world a cuter and more beautiful place, one country at a time!

Top Skincare Brands in Korea, That You’ve Never Heard Of


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Goodal is one of the most popular skincare brands in South Korea. They’re all about that natural glow and believe that your skin’s bestie is Mother Nature herself. They whip up some seriously awesome skincare potions using botanical extracts like fermented oils, plant-based goodies, and herbal wonders. It’s like a magical forest in every bottle!

But, Goodal is not just a pretty face. They’re also big on saving the planet and being eco-friendly. They were way ahead of the game in Korea when it comes to caring for the environment. Plus, they’re totally obsessed with Vitamin-C! It’s a not-so-secret ingredient that’s been all the rage in the West for ages, but it’s still pretty new and shiny here in Korea. Goodal combines the best of both worlds by blending Western ingredients with good ol’ Korean skincare tricks. No wonder everyone’s obsessed with the brand!


Roundlab is all about simple-yet-amazing formulas. But let me spill the tea on what’s made this brand so adored in Korea: national pride.

Their famous Dokdo line caused a major buzz here in South Korea. Okay, buckle up for the history lesson. So, Korea and Japan have some major beef. Seriously, thousands of petty arguments, years of off-and-on wars, colonization – it’s BAD. And right in the middle of all that drama, is a tiny island. Korea claims it’s Dokdo, while Japan calls it Takeshima. Both countries claim the island is theirs, and the international community would rather not get involved.

Roundlab tapped into that national pride and collective trauma for their packaging and brand story. Most of their products make a reference to Korea-Japan relations, on the side of Korea. Overall, the brand is like a love letter to Korea, wrapped up in a skincare product.


Oh, d’Alba, the sneaky little brand that brings a touch of the West to Korea! Products from the west can be VERY expensive and inaccessible here in South Korea. However, many people would like to try western products. But guess what? d’Alba heard our prayers!

They’re all about that Euro vibe, sourcing most of their ingredients from Italy and slapping English on their packaging. It’s like having a European skincare getaway without leaving your bathroom! No wonder Koreans are head over heels for d’Alba. But, hey, Westerners, you got the real deal, so no need to get too envious. Enjoy those fancy-schmancy products while we keep fangirling over our d’Alba that feels like a secret passport to the West!

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