T.L.C For Your T-Zone: Top Skincare Picks

Taking care of that T-zone can be a handful and honestly overwhelming at times. Don’t worry, we’re here with some Picky Expert facts and top skincare product picks to help you navigate this tricky T-zone course. If you missed our previous post about tackling an oily T-zone, you can get caught up here! Let’s give some major T.L.C to that T-zone and find some skincare products that work for your skin!

Skincare For Your T-Zone

Gentle Gel Cleansers

Oily skin causing you a bit of concern, then a gentle gel or foaming cleanser should do just the trick. This can help remove the excess oil build up in your T-zone area!

Barr Cosmetics Centella Calming Gel Cleanser

Barr knows the challenge of finding the right cleanser for skin, which is why they focus on less harsh and heavily cleaning ingredients, rather aiming to give a clean suitable for even sensitive skin types! Chock full of centella, the calming and comfort ingredient of choice, formulated in a light jelly consistency that foams up perfectly!

“I’ve been washing my face with this cleanser for a month now. Beauty! Look at the design! Cleansing is excellent, soft and delicate. And there is no dryness and tightness after washing. The result is clear skin, smooth and soft, feeling fresh and comfortable.” –Terraglena

COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser

Another gel cleanser we see pop up quite often when we ask Picky users for their fave cleansers! Formulated with tea tree oil and BHA, so great for cleaning out pores (especially in that T-zone area) but without throwing your skin barrier and skin’s pH out of balance. A great addition to your T-zone skincare collection!

“It leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean, but without the “squeaky clean” dryness some harsh cleansers cause. It also contains tea tree oil and BHA, that are also supposed to help with acne-prone skin. Overall, this is a very affordable and effective product! I would definitely repurchase this and recommend to others for a fuss free cleansing experience.” –Masktery

La Roche Posay Toleriane Purifying Foaming Cleanser

Antioxidants, niacinamide, ceramides and more! This cleanser from La Roche Posay has plenty of perks for those of us struggling with a tricky T-zone. Clears out excess oil, dirt, impurities, but without stripping your skin of the natural oils and keeping that barrier fully intact!

“Soap, sulfate, oil, fragrance and paraben free. Foams really well and is great at cleansing my skin while not drying it out. It doesn’t irritate my eyes like my previous cleanser even when I accidentally got it in my eye, it didn’t burn or hurt. It helped clear up my skin and I’ve noticed an amazing difference since I started using this.” –Elsie


Highly versatile, toners are a great skin pick-me-up after a nice cleanse. Depending on what your skin goals are, you can find the toner to fit that concern! For those hoping to combat oily skin or extra sebum, search for a toner containing salicylic acid or green tea. Those that just want an extra shot of hydration in their routine can go for hyaluronic acid and ceramides!

Oil/sebum focused

Benton Aloe BHA Skin Toner

This toner is a T-zone skincare must have! Not only does it have salicylic acid to combat sebum, but aloe as well to minimize any skin irritation! Bonus, it also has snail mucin so that just adds a little extra hydration for this fantastic exfoliation step in your routine!

“My first ever chemical exfoliant and I fell in love instantly with the light watery texture that sinks instantly into the skin without feeling sticky or greasy. I can see the results after 2 weeks of use and it does its job in cleaning my pores and lessened my blackheads resulting in smother skin.” –Evergarden

COSRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner

This toner doesn’t just contain one chemical exfoliant, but TWO! AHA and BHA team up to tackle that T-zone and minimize sebum while gently exfoliating the skin to give softer, more supple skin! Don’t let the spray nozzle throw you off, this product still works as a daily toner. Just give a few sprays to a cotton pad and apply!

“MY HG EXFOLIATOR! I use this only twice a week. I love how it swiftly calms down any breakouts and decreases the look of my blemishes. Not harsh on my skin. Great for oily and acne prone skin” –Xristina

Hydration Focused

TONYMOLY Wonder Ceramide Mochi Toner

Meet the wonder (and ceramide) packed multi-use toner from TONYMOLY. We’re a sucker for ceramides, they add hydration, suppleness and overall promote skin barrier health to your skincare routine. If you have an oily T-zone, but dry cheek area, this can be a saver skincare for those tricky dry patches!

“This toner is amazing! First toner I’ve ever used and it’s really hydrating, my sensitive skin enjoys it and I didn’t break out from using it. And since it’s soo big and cheap, I’m not afraid of using it as a final cleanse with a cotton pad, then pat it in with my hands and also little DIY masks!” –Ghiz

Hada Labo Gokujyun Hyaluronic Lotion Moist

Jam packed with three types of hyaluronic acid to ensure your skin gets the hydration it needs! Just a few drops of this in your routine and you’ll surely feel the difference.

“I got nothing by loving words! This lotion delivers! After only the first time of using this lotion I woke up with plumped and very moisturized skin, it really was a visible difference. I’ve only been using this for 3 weeks and also see improvement in my fine lines!” –Brigittelord

Facial Oils

We know what you may be thinking, ‘how can face oils help my oily skin?’ Trust us, they can! And for our skeptic oily skin friends out there, check out this article about oils for oily skin made with another one of our Experts. Facial oils can provide extra anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits to your routine, plus keep skin hydrated while minimizing oil production.

The Potions Jojoba Oil Serum

Looking for deep hydration, but not the greasy after feel? We have just the thing for you! The Jojoba Oil Serum is a perfect fit for all skin types since it sinks into the skin, penetrating deep, with no greasy trail left behind. Don’t believe us? Just check the many reviews on Picky!

“It is non-greasy and actually helps dryness & to balance oil. This oil serum is pure jojoba oil and no heavy, not sticky and is very hydrating. I highly recommend this oil to all skin types, but especially oily/combo skin will love this non greasy hydrating pure jojoba oil!” –Remedyforbeauty

Pure’am Super Glow Dew

If we had to describe this facial oil in one word, it would be breathable. Lightweight and silky-textured, this oil is full of Vegan Squalane and more to help provide antioxidants and nourishment to your skin. Keep skin super moisturized, ease fine lines and give yourself a healthy glowing complexion!

“Another great face oil coming at you! A lightweight and breathable silky-textured serum like face oil, packed with Vegan Squalane and full of the purest organic oils for super moisturized and absolutely glowy skin. It strengthens your skin’s barrier to protect it against all the harmful elements of our world today.” –Candy527


Serums containing niacinamide, zinc and even probiotics can be a huge help in your T-zone thanks to these ingredients balancing out the skin’s microbiome and aiding in sebum production management.

The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

Winner of Picky’s 2021 Skincare Awards, this serum is a fan favorite for skincare users. A great option for pores and oily concerns! Combining two blemish and sebum fighting ingredients to provide a treatment that will help with T-zone woes.

“Love love love it! Fungal acne safe, fades pimple marks slowly, sebum control. Also I noticed how brightening this is. I used only this with my basic skincare and I can definitely tell that it helps a lot so for oily to combination, pimple prone skin, I am gonna recommend it.” –Meumeu

Manyo Bifida Biome Complex Ampoule

Ever heard of Bifida? Well you should! Bifida is a great ingredient to restore a damaged skin barrier and a probiotic to help with balancing the skin’s microbiome. Not to mention, this ampoule also includes adenosine which helps with anti-aging concerns. We’ll call that a win-win product right there.

“One of the best discoveries I made in 2020, by FAR. Overall, I’ve seen a real difference in my skin after using this product. My eczema around my nose has quieted down and I’ve seen my skin become MUCH brighter and generally a lot clearer. Definitely one of my all time favorite products, and I’d recommend to anybody and everyone!” –ByAnyOtherName

Vichy Mineral 89 Probiotic Fractions Serum

As Vichy puts it, a solution to your stressed skin! Formulated with probiotics and niacinamide, this serum is a great way to protect skin from external stressors in addition to restoring the skin barrier and revitalizing skin complexion overall!

“It instantly smoothes and plumps my skin, it’s hydrating and soothing. It’s so hassle free, you can mix it with everything, the niacinamide percentage is just perfect for the brightening effect and it keeps the pores healthy. If you’re looking for some simple and great daily serum, then you should definitely try Vichy! –SkincareExplorer


If you’re looking at your oily T-zone and doubting that a moisturizer will help tame the shine, just wait! Our Experts tell us that omitting the moisturizing step can further INCREASE sebum production. Dehydrated skin can increase the amount of sebum production since it’s working to combat the dryness. So do yourself a favor and don’t skip the lotion. There are TONS of moisturizers out there, so you can definitely find a formulation that works for your skin!

Best for oily skin: Gel creams

Purito Oat In Calming Gel Cream

Created with nourishing Avena Sativa (Oat) Seed Water to calm dry and sensitive skin, but with a lightweight texture that soaks into the skin like a dream. This gel cream balances the skin, soothes hypersensitivity and provides a much needed splash of hydration.

“I’ve been using this day and night, and see a great improvement in my inflamed red areas. This has a nice clear gel-cream texture, which absorbs instantly and is so soothing on the skin. If you’re someone with oily and sensitive skin and looking for a simple, hydrating and soothing moisturizer, definitely recommend giving this a try.” –Anabluecares

Rovectin Clean Lotus Water Cream

With 75% Lotus Water Extract, this lightweight cream can provide nourishing moisture while sinking into the skin effortlessly. This cream can make a great fit into anyone’s routine, but especially great for oily and combination skin types.

“It has a lightweight gel-cream texture that burst like water when you swipe it on your skin. Although it takes a while for it to set, it sets beautifully into a lightweight veil of moisture (that feels more of an emollient finish). If you are looking for a real basic and simple moisturizer for your day-to-day use, check out this product!” –Funskincare (Picky Expert)

Best for dry skin: Thicker creams

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream

Can we just celebrate the amount of ceramides in this cream? 3 essential ceramides and cholesterol to help build, reinforce and strengthen that skin barrier while providing the perfect, thick and creamy layer that can suit any dry or dehydrated skincare routine. Feel free to only apply it to the dry patches on your face and keep the lighter cream and skincare for your T-zone!

“This cream is a must have in my routine. Although it has a very thick consistency, it does not feel heavy on my skin. Glides on smoothly, leaves no stickiness. It absorbs to my skin in seconds. Also helps to repair my skin barrier quickly when I irritated it with some actives. Overall, it’s a simple moisturizer which does it’s job so well.” –Aruneka

Real Barrier Extreme Cream

Another ceramide enriched cream right here! Real Barrier’s newly patented ceramide, Omega-Ceramide-16 claims to have triple hydration, so just imagine how much your skin will love it. Any thirsty skin out there, dry and dehydrated, worry no more because this cream will surely do the trick.

“I absolutely love this cream! My skin is pretty dry and this has some really great ingredients that keep my skin feeling soft and hydrated. It is thick and rich so a lot isn’t necessary. It’s really good if you have over stripped skin or have over used various acids.” –Kalasmom3

Blotting Papers

Not much variation with this type of product, but feel free to browse some blotting papers on Picky or check out discussions for more insight. We’ll just suggest a few we saw mentioned on the app! Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens, Sephora Matte Blotting Film and Shiseido Pureness Oil-Control Blotting Paper. Hopefully this can be a helpful skincare product for your T-zone concerns.

Be Picky

In all, finding the right skincare for your T-zone will take some trial and error but we hope these product picks will give you a good head start on your journey to healthy skin. To find more skincare products, insight and more, make sure to check out the Picky app, our instagram and YouTube for more awesome content!

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