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Affordable K-Beauty at Daiso: Skincare & Makeup

Hey there! Are you ready to step into a world of endless possibilities and bargains galore? Well then, welcome to Daiso – the land of everything cute, quirky, and just plain awesome! And, if you’re looking for affordable K-Beauty, this place should be right at the very top of your shopping itinerary list.

Affordable K-Beauty at Daiso

Think of Daiso Korea as your one-stop shop for all your daily needs. It has everything from stationery and household essentials to unique knick-knacks and adorable gifts.
And the best part? Everything is from 1,000 to 5,000 Korean won (which is roughly $0.76 – $3.80 USD)!

Trust us, a trip to Daiso Korea is like a treasure hunt – you never know what kind of gems you’ll find lurking in the aisles. So, come along with us as we hunt for K-beauty treasures at our local Daiso. Let’s go!

Make-up: Twinkle Pop by Clio

Let me tell you about the first gem we stumbled upon during our Daiso treasure hunt! It was twinkling so brightly that we were immediately captivated by its charm!


K-beauty makeup items under $4?!!! 😱😱😱 Sich a steal!! Twinkle Pop is a brand developed by Clio and the price is soooo cheap! 👀💸✨ We tried the 4 products and they work so well and are pretty! 😍😍 If you’re in Daiso, make sure to check out these products 🥰🥰 #daisomakeup #daisohaul #daisofinds #daisokorea #cheapkbeautyproducts #cheapmakeup #cheapmakeupfinds #twinklepopclio #twinklepopjelly #twinklepopglitteringeyestick

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The treasure in question is from Twinkle Pop – a sub-brand of Clio that offers the most amazing K-beauty products at crazy low prices. And at Daiso, you can find all sorts of Twinkle Pop goodies, including their eyeshadows, eyeliners, and glitters – all for less than 5,000 Korean Won!

We absolutely LOVED their eyeliner. It comes in six different natural shades, from black to beige, but the beige-brown shade was a total game-changer. We used it to create the cutest aegyo sal look – K-drama worthy so sure!

Make-up: CHOCHO’s LAB

The next treasure we found was from CHOCHO’s LAB! Jackpot! This fabulous brand was created by the one and only Cho Sung Ah, who is basically the OG of K-beauty. She’s known as Korea’s first professional makeup artist, having styled first-gen K-pop idols – how cool is that?! Plus, she’s the first Korean artist to collab with a Western brand (MAC), so you know she’s a total trailblazer.

Her philosophy when it comes to K-beauty is “Makeup should be simple and fun” – and that’s exactly what you get with CHOCHO’s LAB. All of their amazing products are priced at under 5,000 Won, so you can stock up on foundation cushions, sunscreen, lipstick, eyeliner, and eye shimmers without breaking the bank.

You’ll be able to achieve the cutest and most simple looks with this line – it’s the perfect way to have some fun with your makeup without going overboard. We are totally in love!

Skincare at Daiso: JM Solution

Now that we’re looking amazing, how about we take a chill pill and give our skin some lovin’? At under 30,000 won for the entire set, you have no excuse not to be striding toward your skincare goals with these rare jewels.

These jewels are, of course, JM Solution’s ‘B5 Hia Line’. This line includes six awesome products that you can use every day: a mask, toner, emulsion, ampoule, moisturizer, and foam cleanser. They are beyond compare for the price point, and are only available at Daiso.

So what are you waiting for?! Stay hydrated during the summer without feeling sticky and don’t dry up your bank account!

Skincare at Daiso: Trouble Focus

The final line we found on our Daiso K-beauty treasure hunt is the perfect skincare line for those who struggle with breakouts and acne: Trouble Focus. This affordable, bold K-beauty line has seven different products to help you achieve clear and healthy skin. From spot control creams to toning pads and cleansing foam, they have it all!

Say goodbye to pesky pimples and hello to a clear and glowing complexion with Trouble Focus. Their products include a cream for your entire face, as well as spot control creams that target specific problem areas. And if that’s not enough, they also have toner, toning pads, essence, and cleansing foam.

With seven different products to choose from, you’ll have fun mixing and matching to find your perfect skincare routine. Don’t let acne trouble you anymore – get Trouble Focus and say hello to healthy, happy skin!

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