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Varuza Giveaway

Get ready for another amazing weekly giveaway from Picky! This week we’re sharing two Varuza sheet masks. Yes, that’s right, two whole sheet masks just for you! Sign up for the Varuza giveaway to try them both!

What You Can Win!

200 WINNERS can receive the both Varuza sheet masks which includes: Purifying No-Sebum Sheet Mask with Green Mud and Real Natural Sheet Mask With Blue Ampoule! A $35 USD value, but could be yours completely free.

Want to see more details about these products? Picky users shared their insight on each, so see what they have to say!

Purifying No-Sebum Sheet Mask with Green Mud

A BRAND NEW product you can try only through this exclusive Picky Giveaway event!

Real Natural Sheet Mask With Blue Ampoule

reviews/jeanhannah09-202151701353-1.jpg review

The Varuza Real Natural Sheet Mask is a good choice if you want to give your skin a breather. It is one of those masks that you will surely enjoy after a long tiring day. Personally, I ‘am well satisfied to its hydration & moisturizing effects.” -Jeanhannah09

Who & When?

The Varuza giveaway, as usual, is open to all Picky users! What do you need to join? The Picky app and some Picky Points! The points to join can vary by event, so make sure to check the Picky app for more details about the giveaway!

Opens: September 16, 2021 (11am Korean Time)

Closes: September 29, 2021 (11am Korean Time)

Picky Instagram

To stay up to date on the latest giveaways and events, make sure to follow our main @go.picky and giveaway exclusive @pickyrewards account! Keep checking your Picky app as well, since the events go live there first. Don’t miss out on any of these awesome giveaways.

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