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Mystery Solved! BTS RM’s Perfume: VILLA ERBATIUM

Guess what, fellow ARMY? Our beloved BTS RM has a secret perfume obsession: VILLA ERBATIUM in Mossy Glen! Okay, he hasn’t officially spilled the beans on using it, and he’s not endorsing the brand or anything. But here’s the scoop: ARMYs in Seoul have caught him red-handed, popping into the store to get his hands on this magical fragrance more times than we can count. So let’s dig into the mystery and find out why our ultimate bias is head over heels for this tantalizing scent! Time to follow our noses, and uncover the secrets to BTS RM’s perfume!

The Evidence

Alright, brace yourselves for some top-notch detective work, folks! So, we did a little sneaky Google search to uncover the truth about BTS RM’s perfume. And let me tell you, it was like searching for a needle in a haystack! Google didn’t have much to offer on the topic. But fear not, my fellow ARMYs! We’ve got a secret weapon called NAVER. Just head over there and type in “RM ν–₯수” (RM Perfume) and prepare to have your mind blown! Korean ARMY have cracked the case, and the unanimous verdict is that VILLA ERBATIUM’s Mossy Glen perfume is RM’s go-to scent. Talk about sniffing out the tea, am I right?

I’ve got some juicy fan gossip to spill! Prepare to be amazed because there are blogs popping up left and right from fans who swear they’ve spotted RM cruising around near Gyeongbuk-Gung Palace, headed straight to the oh-so-famous VILLA ERBATIUM shop. And wait for it… some of these die-hard fans have even snapped pics as evidence! Talk about being in the right place at the right time, huh?

Now, here’s the fun part: both RM and VILLA ERBATIUM are playing it cool. No official confirmation or denial about RM’s perfume game. But hey, guess what? The perfume wizards at VILLA ERBATIUM have slyly tagged their listing with the holy #BTS hashtag! Like, wink-wink, nudge-nudge, we see you, ARMY! Could it be the ultimate hint that our favorite RM is a secret admirer of their scents?

BTS RM’s Perfume

Ok, so let’s talk about the scent that may be BTS RM’s perfume.

It’s like a whirlwind of captivating aromas that’ll leave you spellbound. Picture this: it’s a magical fusion of earthy goodness with a touch of sweetness, bringing together the best of both worlds. It’s like the olfactory equivalent of mixing outdoorsy and cozy vibes!

Now, when you first meet this enchanting fragrance, you’ll catch a whiff of bamboo and figleaf, those top notes that hit you right in the face (in the best way possible, of course!). But wait, there’s more! As you dive deeper, you’ll experience a burst of narcissus, black tea, and cyclamen, those middle notes that dance around your senses. And finally, as the scent settles in, you’ll be greeted by the warm embrace of patchouli, cedarwood, and tobacco, the base notes that give it that extra oomph!

I mean, seriously, can you imagine? BTS RM must smell absolutely divine! This unique blend of ingredients perfectly complements his bookworm vibes. It’s like a sophisticated blend of nature, artistry, and the cozy aroma of a library. This scent is like stepping into a classy world where the outdoors meets creativity. Who knew our brilliant idol and his impeccable taste in scents?!


Now, you may choose to grab yourself BTS RM’s perfume. However, if it is not to your liking the brand actually carries a number of delightful scents. Currently, there are 27 in total, ranging from floral to traditional Korean scents. And, once the scent has chosen you, it’s time to pick your product.

The whole brand just oozes this whimsical medieval vibe that’s straight out of Hogwarts. I’m telling you, it’s like stumbling upon J Pippin’s Potions shop right there in Hogsmeade. Can you imagine? The packaging looks like books, the bottles resemble magical potionsβ€”this place is a dream come true for any die-hard Potterhead. You can get oils, perfumes, scented papers, diffusers, and more! It’s a one-way ticket to happiness and comfort, where fantasy meets fragrance in the most delightful way.

So, fellow magic enthusiasts, prepare to be bewitched by VILLA ERBATIUM! It’s the perfect blend of aromatic wonders and wizarding charm. Grab your brooms, hop on the Hogwarts Express, and immerse yourself in the whimsical delights of RM’s signature scent. Accio VILLA ERBATIUM!

The Scent of Seoul

It turns out that our ultimate bias isn’t the only one under the spell of the enchanting VILLA ERBATIUM. Guess who else has joined the fan club? None other than the mayor of Seoul himself, Oh Se-hoon! Talk about having some serious scent-sational taste!

And get this, this year, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has gone all out and declared VILLA ERBATIUM as the official Scent of Seoul! How cool is that? To celebrate this epic honor, they even released a limited edition perfume, complete with a personal letter written by the leader of the city.

May you cherish the memory of Seoul, a uniquely beautiful and attractive city, with this ‘Scent of Seoul’.

So, my friends, prepare to be whisked away by the magic of VILLA ERBATIUM. It’s not just our beloved RM who’s fallen head over heelsβ€” and you may be next!

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