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LAGOM Giveaway

Get ready for another amazing weekly giveaway from Picky! This week we’re sharing the Cellup Line. Three different products for you to win! Sign up for the LAGOM giveaway to try them all!

What You Can Win!

300 WINNERS can receive ONE of the Cellup Line products, which includes: PH Cure Foam Cleanser, Micro Foam Cleanser, and Gel to Water Cleanser! Meaning that the individual products will have 100 winners each. Approximately $20 USD value each, but could be yours completely free.

Want to see more details about these products? Picky users shared their insight on each, so see what they have to say!

Cellup pH Cure Foam Cleanser

Buy LAGOM Cellup pH Cure Foam Cleanser 120ml at affordable prices — free  shipping, real reviews with photos — Joom

This cleanser has a special formula just for those with sensitive skin! The pH level has been modified so that it works better with your skin’s natural pH levels. Since it’s a little more acidic it reduces the likelihood of irritation and skin flare-ups. It also contains ingredients like lemongrass extract to help with oil production and pore care.

Cellup Micro Foam Cleanser

reviews/Sati-202164193343-0.jpg review

The texture of this cleanser is so luxurious! It is soft and silky, which then lathers up into a very light weight foam. The scent is gorgeous and has citrus notes as well as a herbal scent. After cleansing my skin felt very clean and refreshed. The essential oils can be irritating to the skin, but in a cleanser I don’t mind them so much as I am washing the product off.” -Sati

Cellup Gel To Water Cleanser

reviews/Debby25-2021615212350-0.jpg review

Cellup Gel to Water Cleanser has a gel texture which transforms into water when massaged onto the skin. It is perfect to use alone if not wearing a lot of makeup, or as a second cleanser. It is amazingly gentle and does not strip my face at all, so it can be used both AM and PM. When using this product my skin feels refreshed, soft and smooth. Finally, it has a light citrus scent which is really nice!” -Debby25

Who & When?

The LAGOM giveaway, as usual, is open to all Picky users! What do you need to join? The Picky app and some Picky Points! The points to join can vary by event, so make sure to check the Picky app for more details about the giveaway!

Opens: September 15, 2021 (11am Korean Time)

Closes: September 29, 2021 (11am Korean Time)

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