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How To Be Confident In Your Skin

These days, we are constantly being bombarded with perfect selfies on social media and the internet. Sometimes, we might not feel so confident in our skin due to acne, spots, blemishes, or textured skin. People often use negative phrases when describing their skin problems such as they are “struggling” with acne. Regardless, we shouldn’t let a natural and inevitable experience affect our confidence. Here are some of our best tips on how to keep up your skin confidence!

No More Comparison

You should never compare yourself to people you see on social media! It is much easier said than done. On apps like Instagram and TikTok, many use filters and editing apps to alter their photos. There is nothing wrong with editing your pictures for the ‘gram! However, it’s important to remember that not everything you see on social media is as they appear in real life. Celebrities in Hollywood and K-pop have teams who help them with their skin. From makeup artists to facials to regular visits to the dermatologist. They have access to many resources that most people don’t have.

Plus, let’s be honest: nobody actually cares that you have acne! When our minds become fixated on something, we tend to notice it much more. That can definitely be the case for our skin as well. A great tip is to curate a social media feed that makes you feel good! Follow social media accounts that promote skin positivity and inspire you to become a more confident version of yourself. 

Find The Perfect Routine Just For You

If you are feeling unconfident in your skin, it probably means you want to find ways to improve it. The first step to finding the perfect skincare routine for you is to know your skin type. When you are experimenting with different products, you should try out the ones that are made for your skin! This is also when it’s helpful to know what is on your skincare label. There are certain ingredients that may be better for your specific skin type. Additionally, remember to keep your skin hydrated!

There is a common myth, especially among those with oily skin, that they should skip the moisturizer. Do not skip this step! We might be tempted to think that just because we have oily skin, we do not need moisturizer. In reality, hydrating the skin is one of the best ways to heal our skin and improve our complexion. When experimenting with new products, be patient with yourself. It takes up to 2 weeks to see if a product is working for your skin. It’s best to be consistent with your routine for this long to see if your skincare routine is doing the right thing for you.

Self-Care Is Key

We all go through periods where we are not so confident with the way our skin looks. That’s why taking care of ourselves is so important! Do things that make you feel good. Basic steps like sleeping 6-8 hours a night, drinking enough water, and exercising throughout the week can go a long way and make you feel a lot better about your self-image. Additionally, you can try adding a pamper routine like applying your favorite face mask, running a bubble bath, or doing your nails. Boost your confidence even further by wearing clothing that shows off your favorite style. Whether that means wearing a baggy t-shirt and pants or getting dolled up in your favorite dress. The little things matter! Taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of others.

You Are More Than Just Your Skin!

It can be easy to let skin concerns like acne put a dent in our self-confidence. Nevertheless, you have other things going for you outside of the way you look! You have hobbies that you love and goals that you are pursuing. Or maybe you are working towards your dream career. These aspects of your life are essential, too. Relying on those around you is a great wait to work on insecurities surrounding our skin. Talk it out with people close to you. You might be surprised and realize that everyone else has insecurities too! Even those with “clear skin.” In that case, the way you speak to yourself is important as well. Practice affirmations and positive self-talk on a daily basis.

Be Picky

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