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Picky Spree #2: Unlock More K-Beauty

We’re back with another Picky Spree! Those that missed out on the first Spree, here’s your chance. Don’t miss this opportunity because we have some hit products from KEEP COOL that are sold out everywhere else in the world! Read on to see what this Spree entails and find out how you can join in the fun:


We have 100 Mini Sets containing both the Soothe Bamboo Toner and the Soothe Bamboo Lotion for skincare fans in the US, Canada, and Singapore for only $1 USD!

Your mission is to unlock this K-beauty opportunity by signing up ASAP.


This Spree will only be available to those in the US, Singapore, and Canada. Any individual from those three countries only can join!

Not exclusive to only Picky users, so all skincare lovers participate!


Picky Spree can be unlocked after 100 people hit ‘commit’ on the Shop Picky site. You can commit by writing in your email and pressing the ‘commit’ button. Committing requires no credit card information!

There is a 48 hour ‘commitment’ period, however the Spree is automatically unlocked when 100 people have committed. An email will be sent to those that have committed, so make sure to check your email for notifications. It’s possible the message will be sent to your spam or promotions folder!

When the Spree is unlocked, there is only 72 hours to place your order for the Mini Set. The unlocked Spree will be open to everyone, however, those who have ‘committed’ will be the first to be notified through email!

Place your order by adding your shipping and credit card information. You will only be charged $1 USD. NO hidden fees or taxes!


August 21 11:00AM (Korean Time): Unlocking period begins.

48 hours to commit. But once 100 people have committed, the Spree will automatically open for pre-ordering.

Once unlocked, there will be only be 72 hours available to put in your order! But, it’s first come first serve. As soon as you receive an email stating ‘pre-order is unlocked,’ hurry to order before the Mini Sets are all gone!

Head to Shop Picky now to ‘commit’ and be the first to know when the Spree is unlocked!

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