Picky Reviewer Event with Troiareuke

New Picky Reviewer event with K-beauty brand, Troiareuke. These products are a hit, and they could be yours for FREE! Sign up to be a Picky Reviewer and you can receive a free, full-sized product to try, review and share! Only 60 (30 of each) available so sign up soon!


We’re teaming up with Troiareuke to give away 30 of their IN&OUT Cleansers and 30 Glow Ampoule Toner. 60 products in total! Curious about the ingredients? Scroll down to our Picky ingredient analysis to learn more.


This Picky Reviewer event is open to Picky app users in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and Indonesia! 60 Picky users will be selected from these respective countries!

Exclusive to Picky app users and Picky points will not be refunded if ineligible users sign up.

How To Be a Picky Reviewer

1. Sign Up

You can easily sign up through the Picky app. First, go to the News tab and click on the Event page. Then search for the Picky Reviewer with Troiareuke event banners, find which product you want to try and hit ‘Apply now!’ Carefully read the questions and fill the answers out correctly!

2. After Selection

Once you’re selected, you will be notified through email. Make sure to respond and provide a valid shipping address, otherwise Troiareuke’s IN&OUT Cleanser or Glow Ampoule Toner will be given to someone else!

Requirements for Picky Review

Within 2 weeks after receiving the product, you need to:

  • Use the product for at least 1 week
  • Leave an initial product review on the Picky app. You can update your reviews on Picky at any time! So if you see a big difference after a month of use, let us know!
  • Share your review on Instagram with the hashtag #Pickyreviewer and tag us at @go.picky.


Monday, October 5 11:00AM: Sign Up Starts

Monday, October 12 11:00AM: Sign Up Ends

Picky Ingredient Analysis

IN&OUT Cleanser

The IN&OUT Cleanser starts as a gel but through “WaterHugCell” technology, it becomes a foam that penetrates the skin to take out impurities and leaves moisture behind! Includes spirulina which gives antioxidants and cancels out those impurities. Also uses coco-glucoside as a natural surfactant.

How to use: Apply one or two pumps to dry skin and let it sit, to activate, for 60 seconds. Then with wet hands, massage the gel until it bubbles and foams. Wash with lukewarm water and you’re done!

Glow Ampoule Toner

The Glow Ampoule Toner is a two-in-one deal! You get all the power of a toner with the perks of an ampoule. This product includes ingredients to help with overall skin texture and strengthening that skin barrier. Not to mention seven different forms of peptides!

How to use: This is a bit DIY. The ampoule and toner actually come in separate packaging, so you need to mix them. Apply this toner after cleansing and follow up with your normal skincare!

Terms & Conditions

After the 2 week period, we will send a follow up email to ensure all requirements have been fulfilled! So make sure the email address you give us is correct.

  • Reviews that lack quality or don’t fit our guidelines will be shortlisted for the next review event.
  • Fail to meet requirements and you will be blacklisted for all upcoming events.

Head to the Picky App now and sign up! Win a chance to try this cleansing water for yourself.

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