New Feature: Picky Squad

Unlock a new achievement on Picky with a new class! Similar to the Super Picky Squad, we want to highlight a larger group of those who are active and contribute to the Picky community. Of course, this comes with some well deserved benefits! Keep reading to learn all about this fun new addition to the Picky app.

What is the Picky Squad?

There’s a ton of amazing Picky users out there, so we made a whole new class dedicated to recognize those that contribute to the community more than the average user! This new class comes with a badge and benefits.

Picky Squad Selection

We’re selecting users who have a minimum of 3 quality product reviews in English and an accumulated 10,000 Picky Points. That doesn’t mean you need to have 10,000 points at the current moment, but rather you have attained this amount over time while using the app.

Similar to the Super Picky Squad, the Picky Squad is still manually approved by the Picky Team. Meaning those who try to join by spamming or inappropriate methods will be disqualified. Keep in mind, the selection process for this class can change at any time.

Not sure about Picky Points? Check out our article here for more info on the point system!


Have the Super Picky Squad Rewards caught your eye? Well, if you’re in the Picky Squad, you will also have access to some of these Rewards! Of course, the Super Picky Squad has first dibs, but unlike other users, you may have access to redeem them if there is extra supply. After a period of time, some of these Picky Rewards will open up to the Picky Squad and will stay open, while supplies last.

Take note that unlike regular Picky Review Giveaways, Picky Rewards are not uploaded on a weekly basis. Rather they can be added at any time on the Picky app. Announcements may or may not be made, so it’s best to always refresh your app and stay up to date!


Trying to join the Picky Squad through inappropriate tactics will not be selected and could be potentially penalized. Examples of such include spam content (reviews, posts, comments, etc) and abusing the system to retract more points (i.e inviting fake accounts, etc)


When it comes to Picky Rewards, there’s no guarantee that a Reward will be available for every country. So it’s possible there may be no Rewards for users in certain areas.

Join the Squad

We love our Picky community, which is why we plan to highlight more of our amazing users. So we hope you can jump on this opportunity to join and feel proud of your contribution to Picky! Don’t hesitate and help us build a stronger Picky community together!

57 thoughts on “New Feature: Picky Squad

  1. Amg3268 says:

    Wow so cool! This app never fails to amaze me with its updates🤩

  2. Sai says:

    That’s amazing! I am hoping I get selected to be apart of the super picky family soon

    1. Cassidy Sanchez says:

      I just downloaded this app, so far really impressed and excited. From the set up to the information it gives makes it easy to understand and find out what work’s best for me. Happy to find this app and be part of the picky team!!

  3. Hadiskintreat says:

    Cant wait to be selected to be as the one of the Super Picky Squad !!

  4. Iqra khan says:

    Wow that’s really great
    I’m new to picky so it really a good opportunity for me to show myself out ✌️
    Loving this app

  5. Christina Benjamin Leong says:

    Another awesome updated feature and look forward for more exciting features in picky app. What a great app.

  6. @skincareinhawaii says:

    What an awesome new feature for all those amazing users out there! 😍 welcome to the family everyone!

  7. ms. Annev says:

    I’m just so in love with how you guys appreciate your app users. I’ve never seen any other app companies that’s so customer oriented ❤️❤️❤️ coming from an app and skin care noob like me 🤭 kudos to you Go Picky Fam !! 🥰🥰😏🥰

  8. Kyotumi says:

    I was so pleasantly surprised to see a Picky Squad icon on my profile even before I had the chance to read through what it is! I love this community and how Picky strives to recognize its members. Super excited to continue being a part of it! 🥰

  9. Mariangel Carmona says:

    Yay! That’s super cool! Thank you for selecting me as a picky squad!! Can’t wait to see more surprises!

  10. Megan says:

    This is so cool! So excited for the chance to be in the picky squad! 🥰

  11. LianaMae says:

    This is amazing! 💕 I have been using and enjoying this app, learned so much about my skin! Thank you Picky ✨


    That’s really good idea and Picky really improvise from time to time.. That really amazing.. I proud to be one of the Picky community..

  13. Salomè says:

    Count me in as I feel like I’m learning so much from this community. I would be proud to be the Picky squad by all means for my love of everything skincare.

  14. Ratingbeautyy says:

    Yesssss! What a great platform for lovers of skincare

  15. Raymond Reyes says:

    My go-to app every time I am getting to knoe a new product that i’d like to try. I am happy to be part of the squad 😍

  16. Coupleskincare says:

    This is my first time going the app. I am learning how to use tho. I can’t seem to upload my own pictures at post I made about my morning routine. It doesn’t give me the option to upload them. Hope someone can help. Thanks in advance.

  17. Teej says:

    Love this new feature and I didn’t expect to be part of Picky Squad! Thank you so much GoPicky! 🙌

  18. Sofiya Alev says:

    I am so happy to be part of the Picky Squad ❤️ Thanks and congratulations to all who has got that badge

  19. Jennifer Means says:

    This is an awesome way to recognize those of us who are working towards becoming super picky users! 🙂

  20. Ainul farhana says:

    Wow that’s awesome 😊😊😊😊😍❤️

  21. Hendrika Van Dijk says:

    I am new to Picky but this is a great opportunity!

  22. DEMIE JAVEÑAR says:

    I love the new learnings I got from this app

  23. Adira says:

    It’s so great opportunity here! I just love to be in Picky every single day! 🤍

  24. Jennifer says:

    Trying to finally take better care of my skin. This app has been so very helpful!

  25. Nataly herbeautylife says:

    Ok , that lovely to see some changes all the time and more events. Trying even harder to get noticed. Not a fan of long reviews, no time to read that much, so I try to write main points and add pretty photos. Hopefully will become a part of super squad community soon!

  26. Sirisha Mahesh says:

    Very excited! Hoping my reviews and activities in the past are good enough for a promotion to the picky squad. I love this community and met so many sweet people here.

  27. Kara says:

    Oh i love this! I am new to Picky but am loving the app so far! I will be working towards this achievement!

  28. Barbara says:

    What a thrill! I was finally able to apply and I hope to be selected. I have learned a lot thanks to this app and its community and I want to continue doing so 🥰❤️

  29. Desti says:

    I really love this App, so many advices to solve my problems skin. I hope I get selected to be picky squad ♡♡

  30. DebbieGirl says:

    I love Picky! I just realized I have a star by my name and am so excited. I am officially on Picky Sauad. Thank You, Picky for the amazing platform and for all the fantastic content and helpful features. I am honored and so happy. I will continue to work to earn my SuperPicky status.🙌🏻

  31. Ann Gray says:

    I am loving picky!! This is a great opportunity!! I hope to be selected for extra rewards!! Thank you picky!!

  32. Anna Gubcika says:

    Can’t wait to be selected, try new brands and write reviews!
    This is so very exciting and new to me!
    Tnx to Picky I’m learning a lot every day!
    Happy to be part of it and ready to expand my horizons of the beauty world and personal skin care!

  33. Bonita kasee says:

    Just joined a few months ago, I have a lot to learn, still, this is amazing, just applied to ps, hope I get accepted soon! Thanks for the information this helps alot

  34. Tiffany says:

    Im thrilled to have an opportunity to advance in this community!

  35. Marsh says:

    Im learning a lot on this app everyday. From the reviews, to discussions and even the actual navigation of the app. I looove when u guys have recommendations on the “routine” i made, even with the sequence. I also appreciated that all products show the key ingredients and what it is for! Helps me understand my skin care better. Keep it up! I was finally able to apply for the Picky Squad! Good luck to me!🥰

  36. Valerie Goodwin says:

    I’m absolutely loving being apart of this program. At first I wasn’t really getting into this app but that has all changed since I really started to participate. I’m enjoying every aspect of this app, reviews, comments, learning about skincare, rewards, giveaways, plus so much more. I think being in the Picky Squad would be amazing to be apart of. Here’s fingers crossed….


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