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Must Try CeraVe Products

If you know skincare, you’ve probably heard of CeraVe! We’re here to highlight 4 of the top must try CeraVe products on Picky, so check them out and see which one you might want to try!

Must try CeraVe Products

Hydrating Facial Cleanser

This cleanser is great for those with dry skin as it doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight and stripped afterwards. It contains several ceramides as well as glycerin, both of which help to hydrate the skin.

“This product is good is you have very dry sensitive skin and do not need heavy cleansing. I like that there is a very minimal ingredient list and that there are no irritating ingredients like fragrance. When you use this cleanser, you will notice that it is very hydrating due to the inclusion of hyaluronic acid. This cleanser looks like a light lotion and does not foam up when water is added. I recommend using this cleanser as a morning cleanser or when your face is bare.” – SkinStruct

Renewing SA Cleanser

While this cleanser works with every skin type, it is also best suited for those with dry skin. Understandably, salicylic acid in a cleanser can make some nervous. However, it doesn’t over strip and damage the skin barrier, it actually helps with oil and sebum control.

“I love this cleanser because it has a simple & great ingredients list, but still gets the job done. The 0.5% SA is toward the lower end and I personally feel that it could be a little higher, but I do see the versatility of this product in that it’s not stripping and can be used twice a day unlike 2% SA cleansers. I’ve personally never felt striped from this cleanser and feel it’s perfect for me to get a little exfoliation to keep acne at bad without damaging my skin barrier. It’s a holy grail and will continue to repurchase.”Skincareinhawaii

Foaming Facial Cleanser

Foam cleansers often get a bad rep for being stripping and making the skin feel tight after use, however, this foam cleanser does not. It has several ceramides and other hydrating ingredients. However, it may be irritating to those with sensitive skin due to the citric acid.

“This is a good cleanser that doesn’t strip the skin completely of moisture despite being a foam cleanser. There is no fragrance, but it has a definite soapy smell which isn’t the most pleasant, however it’s easy to get used to, and the product performs well enough that the scent is not a huge concern.”BeSavvy

Moisturizing Cream

This cream is a bit of a heavier one and is good for winter or night time use. It helps with healing any wounds and burns on the skin. It might leave a bit of a residue but it absorbs into the skin nicely.

“My beloved sister introduced this to me couple of years ago and I fell in love at the first swatch! It’s thick, super moisturising but never leaves my combination skin greasy! Another plus point is, it won’t clog my pores since it is non-comedogenic, no worries to combination or oily skin like me! I experieced an acid trip last 2 weeks and it was horrible, my face burnt like crazy and leaves scars on my forehead and under my right eyes BUT this comes and totally save my wrecked skin barrier, apply it for another 2 and half weeks, and I got back my combination skin. Major love for this oneeee!”PickyAnnie

More on Picky

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