Face Rollers: A Game Changer in Skincare?

You’ve probably seen a ton of videos on Instagram and Tik Tok of people using facial massagers or face rollers when doing their skincare and you’re probably wondering “Do I need to use one?” Lucky for you, that’s what we’re here to talk about!

History of Face Rollers

Some background on facial rollers, jade rollers specifically date back to the 17th century where the wealthy used them to keep their skin ageless and beautiful. Egyptians and Mayans also used them to help with muscle relief. Facial rollers are now coming back into popularity to help people with their skincare process. 

Face Roller Benefits

If you’re saying “Yeah you can rub a stone around on your face but will it actually help me?” Here are some benefits found with using facial rollers!

Reducing puffiness

Lying down for long periods of time (i.e. sleeping) can cause fluids to accumulate in our faces. This can cause our faces to look puffy or bloated when we wake up in the morning. Normally the fluids will drain out, unless the passageways are blocked. Using a roller can help to drain out the fluids out of your face. 

Improving circulation

By using a facial roller, it can cause a dilation of blood vessels, therefore increasing blood flow to your face. This is why sometimes people can look really rosy after using a facial massager.

Potential to enhance product penetration

Animal studies have shown that massaging resulted in an increase of active ingredients being absorbed into the skin. Also remember that there are other factors aside from skin massaging to help product absorption!

What kind of stone should I be using?

Okay so now we know what the benefits are but there are several different kinds of rollers that we could be using. How do we know which one is best for you?


Jade rollers are known for its healing effects and date back to ancient times. It can help with swelling but also help your skin circulation. 

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz tends to stay cooler longer than Jade because it doesn’t absorb as much of the skin’s temperature. Also remember that Rose Quartz is a harder stone than Jade.

Amethyst or Obsidian

Both of these stones are believed to have anti-inflammatory effects in the face. However, while they may remove impurities from the face there isn’t any scientific evidence that shows they actually reduce inflammation from your face. 

Take Note

Facial rolling can help you in your skincare routine with depuffing and brightening your skin. However, DO NOT use facial rollers if you have any active acne or eczema . It can cause them to get worse as well as spread the bacteria around your face. Also make sure to use a non-porous stone so that bacteria and products don’t get stuck in the stone and are then redistributed onto your face. 

Adding face rollers to your routine can be beneficial, if you have the time to use them. There is no evidence that shows that there are any negative effects to adding it! 

Be Picky

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  1. I would luv to try a roller ,I have heard so much about them and I think I could benefit from using one hopefully I can get one for free to try and then buy another cause I luv all the good comments about the roller..

  2. I would luv to try a roller I have not yet had the pleasure of using one yet hopefully I can get one for free to try and if I luv it as much as I think I will am gonna buy another one , cause i have heard so much about the face rollers …

  3. I’ve been raving about Rose Quartz face roller and massager. It has 2 genuine Rose Quartz attachment heads and gives that spa-like home treatment. Here’s a link for an offer running at 85% off sale : https://bit.ly/3uEfRuh

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