Exchange Points on Picky

Get excited because Picky has a whole new event coming your way! You can now exchange your points on Picky for actual discounts on skincare products from well-known brands. Exchange and shop! Simple and easy to do, keep reading to see how you can redeem your Picky Points for amazing skincare discounts.

Redeem and Shop

Check where the Giveaways and Rewards are usually listed, plug in how many points you want to exchange for the event and submit! Then once the event is live you have limited time to shop away with your Picky Point discount!

Depends on Event

Every event will be different. The amount of points and degree of discount could vary depending on the brand. Also how long the event is live could change as well. It could be one week or even one day! So make sure to read all the details for each of these events. Country restrictions may apply and you can’t redeem points you don’t have!


We’re launching this new event with our friends at! You can get up to 60% off on brands like Klairs, I’m From, By Wishtrend, Rovectin and COSRX! See some more details down below:

  • 1,000 Picky Points is the minimum amount to redeem
  • 1,000 Picky Points is equal to 1,000 Wishtrend Points: $10 credit
  • 100,000 Picky Points is the maximum amount to redeem
  • 100,000 Picky Points is equal to 10,000 Wishtrend Points: $100 credit
  • Must make an account on
  • Bonus 5,000 Points: Share the Instagram post to your story! Then fill out the google form to collect your earnings!
  • Everyone gets free shipping, plus an extra 5% discount with code: PICKYWISH
  • Order one of the bundles below and get an extra 10% off and free shipping with code: PICKYMATCH

When to Exchange: August 30-September 6

Credit Expires: September 30

10 thoughts on “Exchange Points on Picky

  1. Emma says:

    I was sooo excited about this event, but then I found out that Romania is not the list of abailable countries 🥺
    Please put Romania on the list for the next events 🙏

    1. Eea says:

      Wow socata sa vad primul comentariu despre România o.o

  2. Sandeep Kumar says:

    I wish my country India was included 😞

  3. Aida says:

    I want my country Kyrgyzstan to be included in this list 🙏

  4. Tina Geane says:

    I quess I better get working on being a Picky Squad member! I love WISHTREND also- I have points in that account also, plus lots of products I have reviews due for. Oh boy its gonna be a busy couple of weeks! Good Luck Everyone,I hope more Countries get added for you!

  5. Farida akter says:

    I wish Bangladesh is also included in list। I think they should develop this system

  6. Kiki fatmawati says:

    I hope Indonesia on the list for the next event🥺

  7. Autumn Fatale says:

    I absolutely love this! So many benefits to using picky 💕


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